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Brace up for the Future with Dr. Amer Al Rawas

Transformational times require proactive leadership
Getting ahead means nothing if you don’t bring others with you.
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Embrace Change as an Ally

Artificial Intelligence and other changes are shifting the ground beneath people and organizations everywhere. The possible payoffs are huge, as are the potential pitfalls, so navigating this period is crucial for management and staff alike. Dr. Rawas offers a full palette of services and benefits that can supercharge both individual and collective performance: Unique perspective rooted in a 1997 PhD in AI, followed by extensive experience in multiple sectors, settings, and industries; exclusive insights backed by both technological acumen and a human feel for human resources; a problem-solving approach that empowers all team members to gain confidence, expand awareness, and increase productivity; high-level guidance for pilots, projects, and policymaking – all from someone who has led successful transformations from the top; tried and tested techniques for one-on-one coaching, organization-wide reboots, and everything in between.
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Whether you’re a manager redesigning products and services, an executive scaling up your entire business, or an individual aspiring to faster career development, Dr. Rawas can add real-world value at every stage.
Life-Changing Public Speaking, Coaching and Consulting.
Dr. Rawas shares unique perspective gained from rich experience of organization-wide transformations in both the public and private sectors. Each time, he has found new ways to identify and overcome obstacles, achieving complex goals in settings ranging from research, teaching, and education policy to telecoms, investment, and energy.
Now he uses coaching, speaking, and consulting to help others replicate the tools, tactics, and techniques that forged his own success and sense of fulfillment.

A Versatile Coach, Consultant, and Public Speaker with a Full Set of Tools for Everyone